Sectional Healing 4/23: How To Read My New Book Right Now...

This email is picture perfect and needs no filter.

RECONSIDERATION: Waiting To Read My Book

SO LOOK. I was gonna write a couple flowery paragraphs rife with MEANING and METAPHOR before segueing SEAMLESSLY into exactly why you should reconsider waiting to read All Things Reconsidered until June, but who cares about meaning and metaphor? Let’s just get on with it:

For a brief window of time, if you join my Best Friends of the B-Word group, you will get the ebook version of All Things Reconsidered later this week.

This is specifically great because, beyond giving you all a chance to read it now versus in June, this is even more specifically greater because, in that aforementioned Best Friends of the B-Word group, one of the pieces of content I’m doing is going through each chapter and giving “Author” commentary on it: the background of writing it, how it evolved, what I had to cut, who I am clandestinely insulting with vague references, etc etc.

Now, I know you may have questions on this because it does involve a step or two beyond just click something and receive it. If you want to read a longer explainer about the best friends of the b-word group, click here.

If the cliff’s notes version will suffice, continue reading some anticipated FAQs below.

Ok, so what is best friends of the b-word again?

If you preorder All Things Reconsidered, I’m doing a free, secret (NON-facebook group) where I deliver:

  • weekly secret podcast episodes

  • writer/podcaster interviews

  • mailbag episodes where I answer your questions

  • early audiobook chapters

  • Author’s commentary episodes

  • and NOW it’s where you can read All Things Reconsidered

And how do I get in there again?

Just preorder the book anywhere books are sold. Amazon, your local indie bookstore, my personal favorite The Bookshelf in Thomasville, Georgia etc etc and then go here to fill out a very quick survey and that’s it.

That’s it? Nothing else? I just preorder the book and I get to be in a group where you give me free, secret content.

YUP. That’s it. Nothing else.

Again, I don’t know how long this will last but if you are interested in reading it before June, make sure to join up VERY RIGHT NOW SOON.



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