Sectional Healing 3/20: Organic Hot Dogs and Turkey Bacon APLENTY

This, like, newsletter, like totally speaks in a, like, normal voice...

Guys, Imma shoot you straight. This is a strange time to be writing. Originally, this week was scheduled to be the one where I do THE BIG RELEASE of launch team announcement stuff for All Things Reconsidered. 

And I’m still going to do that eventually but for this specific day, it just felt like a bit of a faux pas to be like, “FREAKING YEAH, MY BOOK, AWESOME WOW (REGGAE HORN)” when people are sick, dying, and panicked. I mean, I just bought 5 packs of organic hot dogs, and 4 packs of turkey bacon. On its own, that sounds like a bit much, right?

Well what about with the additional context of us already having 5 packs of organic hot dogs and 4 packs of turkey bacon prior to my purchase AND I was explicitly aware of before placing my order. If we all do get quarantined, I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, but I know it’s going to involve a great many organic hot dogs and a metric butt-ton of turkey bacon. 

All that to say, these are not the actions of a reasonable person because these are not reasonable times.

So instead of all caps and reggae horns, I’m going to pause the launch team stuff for a week.

For now and in terms of the pandemic, I don’t think I have anything revelatory to offer. I am not an epidemiologist and I apologize to you, dear reader, if you are here and feeling v deceived by that revelation just now. The extent of my knowledge of viruses is limited to the few things I can remember from having just watched Contagion

Something about an R naught number I think? I remember someone being at a white board and saying that “R-naught” and then writing down a number and everyone low-key murmuring and gasping.

Basically, you don’t want a big R-naught, you want a little one. I think? ANNNNND SCENE, that’s it on my command of epidemiological issues.

But even beyond that, I don’t have anything encouraging, spiritually advisory or helpful to tell you. In this entire process, I’m essentially like a benevolent Labrador dutifully stationed in the backseat of a car. A window to the world might be open to my observance, but I am doing very little other than ineloquently barking at the occasional thing that captures my attention.

But within that articulation, I think there might be something communal to be found because a lot of us probably feel like an inelegant but hopeful canine through this entire thing.

This vehicle of a world/country/state/city we are riding in is going somewhere, but we very much do not know, leaving us to our random barks, our food, and TP hoardings, and an intense desire for someone to scratch us behind the ears and tell us that everyone is going to be fine, which I think is the strange thing for us particularly in this age of information and communication because just not knowing our own immediacies is intellectually and emotionally neutering. 

It makes you remember what it means to have to stew in something and not have the novelty of distraction readily available in our repertoire of coping mechanisms.

And that’s not meant to be an accusation. I’m basically saying that to myself because for almost 3.5 years now, I’ve created a world for myself where instead of dealing with things, I just make myself busier because busy is the new black and it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and most of all, busy endures all things. 

Being busy has become a generational superlative, partially out of necessity but also because sometimes it feels better to be the orchestral band playing as the ship goes down not because at least you were doing something, but because it was a great distraction all the while.

That’s one of the more selfishly interesting things to me as we prepare for what seems to be a bizarro period of us all being online but with nowhere to go. What are we all going to do when the cover of traditional busyness is gone? Sure we’re all going to become homesteaders, home school teachers and TP rationers, but with that other busyness gone, will we replace it with something? And if we don’t, will we ever go back?

For now, I cannot think about portraying Little House On The Prairie 2020. I was not made for that world and I do not know how I would abide it. Instead, I’m training myself to be less busy and reckon with the things I’ve been avoiding. I do not know what this new reality will look like, but again, it will probably also involve organic hot dogs and turkey bacon.

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Ashley makes her valiant return to Sectional Feeling, the podcast within this newsletter and together we talk about the BIG PANDEMIC ENERGY in our house and what foods we entirely overbought.


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