Best Friends of The B-Word Group Announcement

This email is about when you reconsider launch teams...

Here’s the deal; one of the things I’ve dreaded about the marketing process for All Things Reconsidered is that I’d be asked to do a launch team.

The launch team idea always kind of bums me out because it seems to rely a whole bunch on, “I, THE OMNIPOTENT AUTHOR, have sired a book from my brain loins but now you, THE OTHERS, shall go out do the hard work of talking about it on social media for essentially nothing in return. Now SCRAM and go. Skitter like the roaches you are.”

I’ve never loved that dynamic and in this, I’ve realized that I’ve gone to great lengths to make my professional life very transactional. There’s probably a very deep rooted insecurity issue here, but suffice it to say, in matters of myself, I prefer a sort of bartering relationship over good old fashioned charity.

If the point is sales, then I’d rather just reward people for pre-ordering the book as opposed to asking people who like me to convince other people to pre-order the book. That seems like a more equitable proposition to me, right?

All that is just a very round-about way to say, I’m not doing a launch team for this book.

Instead, I’m doing a “Best Friends of the B-Word” private group where I’m creating and regularly posting premium / secret audio content.

And all you have to do to get access is preorder a copy, in any format, of All Things Reconsidered and then fill out this form.

That’s it. Just preorder the book and you are automatically invited into the group.

I anticipated some FAQs about this whole thing and will now attempt to answer them below. (just, like, imagine me at a press conference answer questions from the press corps.)

Why do we have to preorder All Things Reconsidered to get in this secret group thing?

Because when you preorder a book, that tells the bookselling industry that people are interested in the book and then it makes them anticipate MORE interest.

It’s a way that they forecast demand, so if people are demanding it BEFORE the release date, that tells places like Amazon to have more copies on hand, which is always a really good thing because it’s basically like a megaphone to the industry telling them that ya boi’s book might do some sales.

What if I have already preordered it? Does that matter?

It matters just to note that you are awesome. Just fill out the form and you will be added POST HASTE.

So how do I get access to this secret group thing?

Step 1, preorder the book, in any format (e-book, kindle, paperback).

Step 2. Click this link and fill out the form where you will be asked to provide proof of your preorder.

From there, your address will be added to the group and you’ll begin receiving notifications from the group when super new and cool awesome content is posted.

Is this group a Facebook group?

(It is a substack group much like this one.)

Why do I have to do that?

Because I’m revealing premium/secret cool state secret’s stuff in that group, I ONLY have permission to share with the assurance that the people in this group are not like regular people; they are the COOL people who have preordered the book.

Can I do something else to get access? Prove myself in some other way? Maybe some light vandalism?

Light vandalism? Hmmm, this is a pickle because I love the chaotic vibe you are bringing to me right now, but no, I don’t think there’s a need for light vandalism. That seems like it’s violating the whole social distancing priority, no?

So that’s a maybe on the light vandalism plan?

More like a heavy no, probably.

Well, I’ll let you think it over.

I don’t need to think it over. No vandalism, light or heavy, ever.

Anyways, what is the premium content stuff you mentioned earlier? How cool is the content you are providing because I need it to be VERY cool.

It is only THE VERY COOLEST STUFF, my vandalism-enthusiast friend. Including but not limited to...

  • Six audio chapters of the audiobook read by me, parceled out in advance of the release date and with additional commentary about the chapter, what went into writing, what was cut and other VERY SECRET things that no one outside of this group will ever know.

  • Mailbag episodes opportunities where you can ask me stuff about the writing process (getting an agent, writing a pitch / query, editing, etc etc) and I’ll answer them.

  • Audio interviews of me talking with friends, fellow podcasters, and writers about their ideas of reconsideration.

  • Written pieces just for the group in the form of chapters that didn’t make the book, chapters I’ve written since finishing the book, and freeform pieces about the idea of reconsideration. I’m toying with the idea of providing these as written pieces, audio pieces or both.

That sounds like a lot of audio content. Can I listen to this like it is a podcast or do I have to sit at my desktop/laptop like an animal?

No absolutely not. I believe in a civilized society so of course you can listen to it just like you listen to any other podcast.

Will that be difficult since this is a private group? Do I need to speak hacker or something? 

Big time no. I won’t bore you with the specifics here BUT as soon as you get access to the group, there will be multiple explainers detailing how to add this audio content like it’s any other regular old podcast. 

Is there anything in the group now?

Yes, some explainer posts about how to add the private RSS feed to your podcast application, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, two episodes that no one else on planet earth will ever hear.

Is that all I get or will there be more? And how frequently?

No, you will get stuff every week until the book releases. Just dropped right into your podcast application.

And for all of this, all I gotta do is preorder the book? 


There’s no catch?

No catch. You preorder the book for me and I (extreme Aladdin voice) will show you a world of audio content. PROMISE.

Any questions, hit me in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. LET US NOW GO AND MAKE A BEST FRIEND GROUP.